Royals Fan Celebrates Victory with Gross Leap into Kauffman Stadium Fountain (Video)

Kauffman Stadium Fountain leap

This Royals fan, along with that other Royals fan we were just discussing, is quickly making a case for why the Cardinals may not have the best fans in baseball. They might not even have the best fans in Missouri. Rather than making smug statements about how they appreciate the game and have all this class, a Royals fan will just do something awesome to celebrate. Like, I dunno…

take a ten foot plunge into a filthy fountain.

(Yes, this is my best example.)

She’s clearly being an attention whore, which is kind of lame, but that ultimately ends with her jumping into a filthy Kauffman Stadium Fountain, so she’s really punishing herself, which saves us the trouble. To be honest, though, I’m sure if this tape ran much longer, we’d see that stadium security or the cops probably took a crack at punishing her, too.

Here’s the video in question. Don’t forget to bring a towel:

If this was San Francisco or Oakland, they would have drown Orioles fans in that fountain to celebrate.

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