Brilliant Mike Moustakas Catch Highlights Another Royals Postseason Win (GIFs)

mike moustakas catch

That headline is pretty surreal. Not the part about the Moustakas catch. The part about another Royals postseason win.

But I promise you, Kansas Citians, this is not a dream. Your Royals really did beat the Orioles last night to improve their postseason record to 7-0 and move one win away from the World Series. And yeah, the highlight of that win probably was a brilliant Mike Moustakas catch on a pop foul down the third base line.

The catch didn’t come in a particularly high leverage situation. The ball came from the bat of the O’s Adam Jones with nobody on and nobody out in the top of the 6th. And while it’s always good to get the leadoff man, if the ball had fallen, Royals pitcher Jason Frasor would have had another crack at getting him out.

But that’s what makes the Royals defense great. They don’t let anything go. So the Royals third baseman tracked the pop foul to the edge of the super primo Kauffman “dugout suite” (no, it’s not the actual dugout) and, trusting that the fans would be there to catch him—which they were—he did a full-extension dive over the railing to make the grab.

Take a look:

moustakas catch (moustakas dives into dugout to catch foul ball)

moustakas catch (moustakas falls over dugout railing to catch foul ball)

kansas city fans lost moustakas catch (moustakas dives into dugout to catch foul ball)

I literally cannot remember a more fun baseball team to watch in the postseason than the 2014 Kansas City Royals. I’m glad this ride won’t end for at least four more games.

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