Royals Fan Showers Another Fan in Popcorn at JUST the Right Time (Video)

Royals fan

This Royals fan knows the boundaries of good, funny fan behavior. You don’t beat the crap out of someone in the men’s room, or the parking lot. You don’t rush the field to assault the coach. And you don’t throw garbage on fans out of spite. You throw garbage on fans for the sake of humor. Well, popcorn, but popcorn’s pretty close to garbage.

This Royals fan waits until just the right time to nonchalantly toss his bucket of popcorn on another fan sitting directly behind home plate. Is that other fan Waldo dressed up in Royals gear? It is. And we found him. Nice work, guys.

I’m sure that the recipient of the flying popcorn didn’t appreciate the timing as much as we did—it goes flying just as the pitch crosses the plate. Was the popcorn-thrower in on it with the pitcher? Maybe. Probably. Certainly.

Here’s the ‘incident”:

This is the type of fan violence I think we can all get behind.

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