Serbia-Albania Brawl: Violence and Mayhem Erupts During Euro 2016 Qualifier When Drone Aircraft Flies Albanian Flag Over Pitch (Videos + Pics)

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A Serbia-Albania Euro qualifier in Belgrade turned into a Serbia-Albania brawl on Tuesday night when a drone aircraft lowered an Albanian political banner onto the pitch.

To fully understand why this happened you need to understand the 20th century history of the Balkans, from the formation of Yugoslavia after World War I, to the breakup after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the Kosovo War in the late 1990s. But if you don’t want to read up on all that, here’s the super short version: Serbians and Albanians HATE each other. So UEFA probably should not have put Serbia and Albania together in Group I for Euro 2016 Qualification. But they did. And last night that decision backfired big time.

Thirty minutes into the match, which was in Serbia, a drone aircraft flew over the pitch carrying a pro-Albanian banner, which got everyone riled up.

Then Serbia’s Stefan Mitrovic yanked the banner down, and the pitch erupted in total mayhem.

First Albanian players rushed the Serbian players to capture the flag. Then a Serbian fan ran onto the field and attacked Albania’s Bekim Balaj with a stool. And from there it was just total chaos, with players, coaches, and fans all attacking each other:

Bet you’ve never seen anything like that at no Red Sox-Yankees game.

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