Jeremy Gurthrie Trolls Baltimore with Custom “These O’s Ain’t Royal” T-Shirt (Pic)

these o's aint royal

The fact that Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Gurthrie actually made a custom “These O’s Ain’t Royal” t-shirt is pretty great. The fact that he wore his custom “These O’s Ain’t Royal” t-shirt to his press conference after winning Game 3 of the ALCS is ridiculously awesome.

That slogan, of course, is a play on the Chris Brown song “Loyal,” the chorus to which is “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

Get it? It rhymes!

Seriously though, that’s a goddamn fantastic t-shirt. Sure, a bunch of Orioles fans got all butthurt over this, because people are just way too sensitive these days. But this is really just a case of a baseball player having fun. (Crazy right? Having fun playing baseball?) It’s not like the shirt said “F*CK THE ORIOLES AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN BALTIMORE.” It was a silly pun that basically meant, “Our team is better than your team!” If the Orioles shot back with a “At Least It Didn’t Take Us 29 Years to Make the Playoffs” t-shirt, that would be funny, too.

Nevertheless, Guthrie still apologized:

Hopefully he did not really mean it.

Hat Tip – [@cjzero]

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