Tom Brady Jack-O-Lantern Will Amaze You and Creep You Out (Pic)

Tom Brady Jack-O-Lantern

Here comes the Tom Brady Jack-O-Lantern. Halloween is approaching, and since that new thing is carving crazy-intricate pumpkins that would probably cause me to stab my own hand in the process, we might as well get the likeness of some pro football players on some gourds.

It’s a very good job. The carving is easily recognizable as Tom Brady, and the fact that it wasn’t drawn, but cut into a pumpkin is amazing.

HOWEVER, it’s creepy as hell. First of all, I don’t want to see Tom Brady‘s face glowing or flickering. Yuck. It’s also orange. He looks like Snooki. Remember Snooki? He looks like her.

Finally, a Tom Brady jack-o-lantern isn’t particularly funny. You know what is funny? A Tony Romo jack-o-lantern. That’s hilarious. A Richard Sherman pumpkin would be great, too.

S0, in summary: Less handsome Tom Brady jack-o-lantern, more Andy Reid gourds.

And why is Tom Brady wearing a suit in this carving? Weird.

tom brady jack-o-lantern

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