Bruins Assistant Coach Takes Puck to Head, Gets Head Stapled, Returns to Bench Because Hockey (Video)

bruins assistant coach doug houda takes puck to head gets head stapled

Boston Bruins assistant coach Doug Houda got hit on the top of the head with a puck last night in Detroit. The blow came in the second period of a 1-1 game, and it opened up a pretty nasty gash, so a couple of Bruins trainers had to help him down the tunnel to get it taken care of.

However, he returned to the bench after getting six staples on his dome. Because in hockey, “assistant coach takes puck to head” is a normal, everyday occurrence..

Here’s a video of the whole thing with commentary from NBC’s Doc Emmerick and Pierre McGuire:

And, if you’re the kind of person who just likes to stare at gross wounds for minutes on end, here’s a closeup of Houda’s staples:

Bruins assistant coach


That’s hardly the most gruesome hockey injury we’ve ever seen (that honor belongs to minor leaguer Sebastien Corcelles). But still, if I got hit in the head with a dangerous projectile and required six head staples, I’d probably take the rest of the night off.

I guess that’s why I’m a blogger, and not a professional hockey coach.

Hat Tip – [Pro Hockey Talk]

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