France U-21 Player Mocks Opponent Before Time Is Up, Pays the Price (Video)

France U-21 player

A France U-21 player learned a lesson about humility and sportsmanship by celebrating a win just a bit too early against Sweden.

Sweden and France were vying for a spot in the UEFA U-21 Championship next year. After tying up the game 3-3 in the 87th minute, it looked like, due to aggregate tournament scores, France would be taking Sweden’s place at the tourney.

France U-21 player Layvin Kurzawa, being kind of a jerk, taunted the Sweden team by saluting them goodbye. Only, things weren’t over. 

A minute later, Sweden knocked in a goal, won the game, and got the bid to the tourney at France’s expense. Do you know how they celebrated?

Watch here to see:

Yup. They saluted the French team.

Ah, karma’s a bitch sometimes. but here, it seemed to work out just fine. Congrats to the Swedish players, and to the France U-21 player who taunted: These things have a way of working themselves out, as you saw.

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