Paul Rudd Invited Everyone to His Mom’s House to Party After the Royals Won the Pennant (Video)

royals fan paul rudd invited everyone to his mom's house

You probably didn’t know Paul Rudd was a Royals fan. The Royals have been terrible for most of the last three decades, so there was never an occasion for you to notice him at a Royals game.

However, last night the Royals won the AL Pennant, and Paul Rudd, a native of Kansas City suburb Overland Park, was there. So people noticed him.

The folks who run posted this video of Rudd and friends celebrating the final out:

And of course, because Rudd is a celebrity, he got to celebrate down on the field with the players after the game. Where he took a selfie:

Then Paul Rudd was interviewed by KMBC, so he talked about the Royals’ magical season…and then invited everyone to a party at his mom’s house:

Paul Rudd seems like a pretty cool dude. It will be a nice change of pace to see cutaways to him in the stands instead of Red Sox fan Matt Damon or Cardinals fan Jon Hamm.

I guess we’ll probably still have to put up with the Giants’ Steve Perry shenannigans, though. San Francisco is up 3-1 on St. Louis and will probably be the Royals’ opponents.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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