Let’s All Watch Royals Fans Celebrate First Pennant in 29 Years (GIFs + Videos)

royals fans celebrate al pennant

If you can’t enjoy watching Kansas City Royals fans celebrate their team’s historic run to the AL Pennant, I don’t know why you even like sports. (Orioles fans excepted, of course.)

After all, one of the reasons the rest of us love sports so much is that it’s an allegory of the way we want life to be. Work hard and eventually you will be rewarded. Never give up hope and one day your suffering will end. Hang in there, because it will happen. Believe, and one day all will be right with the world.

So watching Royals players and long-suffering Royals fans celebrate their team’s victory over the Baltimore Orioles in Game 4 of the ALCS after 29 long, dull, painful, embarrassing years? Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good way to start my Thursday. Let’s do that.

Here’s what it was like for the team:

royals fans al pennent

royals fans

royals fans

And, better yet, here’s what it was like for the fans:

royals fans celebrate

royals fans celebrate

royals fans celebrate royals fan videobombs reporter

Go bonkers, Kansas City. I think I speak for everyone outside San Francisco or St. Louis when I say I sincerely hope your Royals win the World Series.

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