Argentinian Soccer Brawl Raises the Bar for Brawls in Any Sport (Video)

Argentinian soccer brawl

An Argentinian soccer brawl caused the entire game to be suspended as 12 players got booted for throwing down on the pitch.

In the 67th minute of a match between rivals┬áDeportivo Roca and Cipolletti FC, things got a little testy. And by “a little testy,” I mean that both sides went absolutely bonkers in an epic brawl the likes of which will make future sports brawls look like a shiatsu massage.

Here’s the video of the two teams getting after it:


These guys are flying around like they’re auditioning for a Bruce Lee movie.

It’s also nice to see that vuvuzelas are alive and well in the third division of an Argentinian soccer league. I haven’t heard that annoying drone in a while. Maybe the vuvuzelas release a frequency of hum that incites violence. Or, these guys just felt like fighting.

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