Justin Bieber Boxing Is an Insult to Boxing, Music, and Humanity in General (Video)

Justin Bieber boxing

It makes sense that we should be getting reports of Justin Bieber boxing. He’s been acting like a tough guy for a really long time, now. He might as well keep the charade up by pretending to be a boxer, right? He has a well-documented friendship with Floyd Mayweather, another awesome dude, so that may have “inspired” him.

Regardless of where the inspiration came from, here are some shots of him getting taped up by Money Mayweather himself. Why? I have no idea. They apparently don’t have anything better to do than videotape Justin Bieber boxing.

Here’s a video of Justin Bieber boxing, dicking around, punching poorly, and just generally being the tool that we know him to be:


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Get in the ring with someone with gloves, Bieber. Then we’ll see how tough you are.

(Man, I hate that guy so much. SO MUCH.)

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