Madison Bumgarner Chugs Six Beers or, More Accurately, Dumps Out Six Beers in the Vicinity of His Mouth (Video)

madison bumgarner chugs six beers

After the Giants beat the Pirates in the NL Wild Card game, ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner chugged four beers at once. Then, after the Giants beat the Nationals in the NL Division Series, Bumgarner upped the ante and chugged five beers at once.

So last night, after the Giants beat the Cardinals in the NL Championship Series on that walk-off home run by Travis Ishikawa? Yeah, that’s right. Madison Bumgarner, the NLCS MVP, chugged six beers at once.

Of course, to call what Bumgarner did “chugging” is to play fast and lose with the very concept. If you “chugged” like that while playing flip-cup you’d be immediately disqualified. But what can I say? “Madison Bumgarner Chugs Six Beers” is a pithier phrase than “Madison Bumgarner Dumps Out Six Beers in the Vicinity of His Mouth,” so I put that at the front of the headline.

But enough semantics. Take a look:

Some people look at this and lament the loss of perfectly good beer.

And I’m sympathetic to that point of view. However, it was only Budweiser. If it had been something precious, like Firestone Wookey Jack, Delirium Tremens, or, I don’t know, Trois Mousquetaires Grandes Cuvée Porter Baltique, that would have been a tragedy. This is just a bit of harmless fun.

So well done, Madison Bumgarner. And in the event that your Giants beat the Royals in the World Series, since you probably will not be able to hold seven beers, might I suggest maybe a quadruple kegstand?

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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