Referee Elbows Martin Havlat in Face, Refuses to Give Self Five Minute Major (Video)

referee elbows martin havlat

Player elbows Martin Havlat in the face? Five minute major. Referee elbows Martin Havlat in the face? Meh, whatever.

That’s what we learned from last night’s Devils-Capitals game. Though, in fairness, Havlat was shoved into the referee by another player.

It all happened with just over three minutes to play in the second period and Washington up 3-2. Havlat had the puck and was taking it behind the Capitals net when Jason Chimera ran him into the boards. Only it wasn’t just the boards. The referee was there, too, and Havlet’s face collided with his elbow, opening up quite a gusher.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, that was no ordinary bloody nose. According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Havlat suffered severe lacerations to his nose and upper lip which required a “significant” number of stitches. He did not return for the third period, and he may end up missing a few more games.

But penalties? Nah, there were no penalties on the play. Not on Chimera, and not on the referee.

Seriously, though, how awesome would it be to see a referee sitting in the penalty box? Make that happen, NHL.

Hat Tip – [Pro Hockey Talk]

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