Yankees and Flyers Join List of Teams Showing Support for Leah Still (Pics)

yankees ticketing staff shows support for leah still

Leah Still is certainly not the only child battling cancer. However, thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals and her dad, Bengals DE Devon Still, she has recently become the face of the fight against pediatric cancer.

At the beginning of September the Bengals had to cut Still from their 53-man roster because he simply was not ready for the season. However, they knew the reason he was not ready was because he spent his whole summer taking care of his sick daughter, and instead of just letting Still go they signed him to their practice squad so he wouldn’t lose his health insurance. Then the Bengals announced that all proceeds from the sale of No. 75 Devon Still jerseys would benefit the fight against pediatric cancer.

Soon after that, the entire NFL rallied in support of the cause. Saints coach Sean Payton bought a hundred Still jerseys. The Patriots cheerleaders wore Devon Still jerseys during a game against the Bengals a few weeks ago. And most recently the Texans and Jets both sent care packages to Still as she recovers from surgery in a Philadelphia hospital.


Thanks coach OB and the Texans for send Leah these gifts…can’t go wrong with frozen

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Now Leah Still is getting shows of support from MLB and the NHL, too.

The Yankees ticketing department bought a bunch of Devon Still jerseys and sent him this photo:


Awesome pic of the Yankees ticket staff wear my jersey at Yankee Stadium in support of my daughter and every kid facing cancer #BeatCancer #PrayForLeah #LeahStrong

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And the Philadelphia Flyers, aware that Leah Still is receiving treatment in their town, expressed their support as well:

It might seem strange to some that Leah Still is getting so much attention when there are many children in the world battling cancer. And in truth, it is strange. Every child in her situation is equally deserving of our prayers.

That said, if the mere fact that her dad is famous brings more attention to the cause, I say that’s a damn good thing.

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