Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Turns Shoplifting Accusation into Underwear Endorsement

Joseph Randle

Dallas Cowboy Joseph Randle, who got himself in hot water after shoplifting underwear and cologne last week, is making lemonade from the legal lemons he was served. The running back has partnered with MeUndies, an underwear company, in some charitable efforts after the company helped pay some of the $29,000 fine that was levied against him after the incident.

It’s not indicated anywhere that the aforementioned brand was the one Joseph Randle was shoplifting, but if anyone can lend any insight into the underwear-purchasing habits of benchwarming Cowboys, please contact our tip line.

The arrangement is pretty beneficial for all involved. MeUndies gets namechecked in stories like this, Randle gets some charitable goodwill and some help with his fine, and some kids who can’t afford clothes get a helping hand from both parties. Sure, it’s a goofy underwear endorsement resulting from a crime, but it seems like Joseph Randle is handling it in the best possible way.

Okay, fine. Here’s the link for MeUndies. I’m playing right into their hands.

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