Peyton Manning Was the “Monkey in the Middle” After Breaking TD Record (Video)

Peyton Manning Keepaway

Even when you’re Peyton Manning, and even when you just broke the league record for career touchdown passes (the previous record having been set by Brett Favre), you’re still not immune to a little “monkey in the middle” at the hands of your teammates.

Those teammates were Manning’s wide receivers, but the important part was the ball they were tossing back and forth – the very same ball Manning threw for his 509th career touchdown pass. And if your nose detected a whiff of planned tomfoolery, allow me to compliment your sense of smell; according to reports it was a predetermined gesture on the part of Manning and his teammates:

Oh well, it’s still pretty funny. In case you missed it when it happened during the first quarter of Sunday’s game between the Broncos and the 49ers, you can see the pertinent keepaway game in the Vine below.

Here it is:

(h/t Daily Snark)

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