Here Is Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett Trolling Raiders Fans from the Arizona Sideline During Their 24-13 Victory (Pics)

darnell docket trolling raiders fans

Darnell Dockett is the heart and soul of the Arizona Cardinals, so fans were right to be worried when Dockett tore his ACL during the preseason.

However, even though he won’t see action on the field this year, Dockett is still travelling with the team, doing anything he can to help them win. And yesterday in Oakland “doing anything” entailed Darnell Dockett trolling Raiders fans from the Arizona sideline during their 24-13 victory.

What form did this trolling take? A simple message scribbled on a white board. Have a look:

I love how the 0 in 0-6 is also a smiley face. That’s a nice touch.

Of course, after the game the PC police got to Dockett and made him apologize to Oakland and their fans, right? Wrong! The NFL has bigger fish to fry these days, and Dockett rightly stood by his taunts.

And we all know Dockett is right. Raiders fans can be…um…difficult.

Well done, Darnell.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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