Nice Try Bro: Giants Linebacker Jameel McClain Says He Is Not the Mike, Basically Calls Tony Romo a Liar (Video)

jameel mcclain says he is not the mike

In football, the defensive team’s middle linebacker is called “the Mike.” Sometimes considered the quarterback of the defense, the Mike is usually the one who receives the defensive play calls, and his positioning determines how his team defends or, in some cases, how they attack. So the offensive line must figure out where he is in order to effectively block for whatever play they are running. Which is why you will often hear the quarterback (or sometimes the center) call out the number of an opposing linebacker.

(Learn more about calling out “the Mike” here.)

That’s what the Cowboys’ Tony Romo was doing yesterday when he called out the number of Giants linebacker Jameel McClain. He was identifying McClain to his offensive line as the Mike, and it was a pretty normal thing to do.

What was not normal was for McClain to argue with Romo and insist “No I’m not the Mike! I’m not the Mike!” That kind of thing doesn’t usually happen.

If your on the offensive line, you have to assume that the guy who denies he is the Mike is, in fact, the Mike, otherwise he would just let the offensive team be wrong and get beat on the ensuing play. But I guess in this case McClain figured, hey, they know it’s me, so I might as well try to mess with their heads and see if they get confused.

Either way, it’s one of the funniest things we’ve seen in the NFL this year.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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