Lady Feeding a Crow at Redskins Game Has to Be a Metaphor, Right? (GIF)

lady feeding a crow

A lady feeding a crow at FedEx Field on Sunday begged a lot of questions. Like “Why?” And “are you allowed to bring birds into FedEx Field, or do you need to sneak them in?” Ok. So it just begged two questions. But the answer to either one eludes us.

Right away, here’s the GIF.  You should watch a lady feed a crow, not sit around talkin’ about it all day. So here it is:

lady feeding a crow

The fact is that the lady feeding a crow may not have brought the crow in at all! Are we going to dig deeper and speculate wildly about this crow gif? YOU BET YOUR ASS WE ARE!

DC Sports Blog got in touch with the man who filmed the video, who offered up this:

We contacted the person who filmed this incident, who didn’t want his name used, because who wants a ton of phone calls about a bird video? He said in an email that Crow McCoy was poking around for food, and he chased it away. A few minutes later, he spotted the woman holding the bird, which he says she kept for about 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes!

Well, well, well! The plot thickens and gets dumber!

Hat Tip – [BroBible]


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