MLB Is Sending Six-Year-Old Cancer Patient Noah Wilson to the World Series

noah wilson

Did you hear the story about Noah Wilson, the six-year-old Royals fan battling a rare form of cancer who wanted more than anything to go to a World Series game? Well, Joe Torre gave it a happy ending. He announced on Twitter that Noah and his family are going to the World Series as guests of Major League Baseball.

The whole thing started last week. A neighbor of Noah Wilson’s named Ryan Zimmerman (not the baseball player, just some guy) started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send Noah and his dad to the World Series.

Here’s how he explained it:

“This is Noah from Olathe, Kansas. He’s a 6 year old boy in my neighborhood who’s battling a rare form of Cancer in his spine. Not only is he brave, but he’s an incredible philanthropist. Despite his condition, he’s started up his own way of helping other kids that are in the Children’s Mercy hospital with him. His story is awesome and even People magazine did a story on him. He’s a big Royals fan and now that they’ve made the World Series, it’s my mission to get him and his dad or family tickets to one of the games. Seeing that they’re going for $800+ a ticket online, I needed to get this going online for him. If you can help make this brave guy’s day, please help. I’m going to tweet this out like crazy, so in case something happens and some stroke of luck I get tickets for much cheaper or a donation, all proceeds will be given directly to the Wilson family to help cover hospital bills. Thank you so much.”

The story caught on with the media pretty quickly, and in no time the GoFundMe page had raised enough money to send Noah Wilson and his family to the World Series.

However, MLB stepped in anyway, telling the Wilsons to save that money for school:

If for some reason you weren’t going to root for the Royals to beat the Giants before, you probably will now, right?

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