North Greenville QB Throws TD Pass to Himself (Video)

North Greenville QB

The North Greenville QB made a play to show that throwing a pass to yourself, once reserved for the lonely kid whose dad had skipped town and who had no friends, is no longer something to be ashamed of.

Nelson Hughes, the North Greenville QB, threw a 47-yard pass to himself that resulted in a touchdown. To be clear, the ball didn’t travel 47 yards in the air. That only happens in commercials and desperate Twitter videos.

Here’s the video:

Yeah, not what you expected when you saw that headline, right? Sorry about that. But it’s TECHNICALLY all true. Besides, “QB Catches Own Pass in Backfield Following Deflection” isn’t just an unsexy headline. It’s too wordy.

Still, some good presence of mind by North Greenville QB Nelson Hughes and some pretty good footage.

Bro Bible shared that the school’s motto is “Where Christ makes the Difference.” Christ earned his paycheck on Saturday.