Soccer Players Introduce RKO Goal Celebration, and Randy Orton Approves (Video)

RKO goal celebration

All of a sudden, RKOs are all the rage on the internet. There’s really no good explanation for it. It just kinda came from outta nowhere.

If you’re arriving late to the party, an RKO is the signature move of WWE superstar Randy Orton. It involves running up on an opponent from behind, putting said opponent into a reverse headlock while leaping through the air, and then slamming him (or her) to the ground. Recently, the internet has gone bonkers creating all sorts of RKO Vines, and now random people are performing RKOs all over the place.

The latest instance of Randy Orton-inspired shenanigans comes from Scotland. On Saturday, after scoring a goal in Dundee’s 3-1 win over Motherwell, Gary Harkins of Dundee FC conspired with teammate Jim McAlister to create the Randy Orton RKO goal celebration.

It was a thing of beauty:

What did The Viper himself have to say about this? He approved of the sentiment, but had some constructive criticism regarding the execution:

At this point, you have to wonder what’s next? An NFL mascot working the RKO into his repertoire of gametime stunts?

Yep. This happened on Sunday:

Congratulations, Randy Orton. You’re a meme!

Hat Tip – [Metro]

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