Tristan Thompson Kisses Sideline Reporter During Postgame Interview (Video)

Tristan Thompson

Hey, Tristan Thompson.┬áDon’t do that.

You might have thought kissing the sideline reporter in a moment of exhilaration may have been cute, or charming, or maybe you saw Adrien Brody do it to Halle Berry at the Oscars, but…don’t. Sideline reporter Allie Clifton was doing her job, and unless you were going to give the same treatment to Craig Sager after the game (you weren’t), then you’re sexually harassing her. And honestly, that would be sexual harassment to Craig Sager, too.

Tristan Thompson was likely excited because he was able to get a big line (17 and 11) in the Cavs‘ LOSS to the Dallas Mavericks in PRESEASON. Ugh. What happens when he scores a bucket in a game that matters? Armageddon?

Anyway, Allie Clifton took it all in stride like a pro, because she is a pro. The jury’s still out on Tristan Thompson.

Here’s the video:

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