Vontae Davis Hit Destroys Giovani Bernard, Leaves Him a Broken Shell of a Man (Video)

Vontae Davis Hit

Don’t you just love it when one play perfectly sums up an entire game? Because that’s what we got yesterday in Indianapolis. The Bengals got destroyed by the Colts, and Bengals running back Giovani Bernard got destroyed by an insane Vontae Davis hit.

The hit came midway through the second quarter. On the first play of a Cincinnati drive that began on their 36-yard line, Andy Dalton took a snap in shotgun formation and threw out wide to Bernard. However, Davis stalked him like a damn cougar and laid a perfectly timed hit on the guy that left him dazed and caused him to drop the ball.

The best part? The hit was perfectly legal. He didn’t fire himself at Bernard helmet-first like a missile, and he didn’t go for the knees. Davis just crushed Bernard so hard the guy was seeing little birds flying around his head.

Take a look:

Indy was only up 10-0 at the time of this hit, but the way they were playing on defense it may as well have been 30-0. At that point in the game the Bengals didn’t even have a first down, and they wouldn’t end up getting one until they benefited from a 15-yard Colts penalty with less than a minute remaining in the first half.

Final score: Colts 27, Bengals 0.


Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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