Croatian Boxer Pummels Ref After Ref Calls the Fight (Video)

Croatian boxer fight ref

A Croatian boxer had a bone to pick with a ref after his bout was called and his opponent was awarded the victory.

The preceding drama isn’t clear, but Vido Loncar thought that he had a little more gas in the tank before the ref called the match. So, as it while it appears as though he’s approaching the ref to speak with him, or maybe even congratulate the other fighter, Algirdas Baniulis (wishful thinking), Loncar ends up just beating the hell out of the ref

Note how the victor, Baniulis, starts to scurry out of the way. Bear in mind this is the guy who won the fight. I guess he figured you don’t mess with crazy, and this act is pure crazy.

Here’s the video. Keep your guard up:

While this was a savage act, it’s fun to watch Vido Loncar get pulled by one leg out of the ring like he’s a video game character. Whoever did that to the Croatian boxer was a pretty brave soul.

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