Watch Nina Agdal Sink a Three-Pointer in Very Short Shorts (Video)

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal is a very skilled model (not sure what that means), but now she has shown that she’s got some skills on the hardcourt as well…Okay. Only if you’re willing to assume that this video wasn’t staged over 30 minutes and that thousands of birds flying nearby weren’t hit by errant Spaldings. Although, we should remind you that this isn’t the first time she’s hit the court.

But, because this video frames her ass very nicely, we’re willing to give Nina Agdal, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model extraordinaire, the benefit of the doubt. Also, she screams “BITCH” as an expletive when she makes it. That makes us think of Breaking Bad, which also makes us happy.

Here’s the ass-cam:

Score one for Nina Agdal, the rich supermodel who probably needed 38 takes to drain this shot! Yay!

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