Oregon Students Play Beer Pong in the Stands During Game, Because College! (Pic)

oregon students play beer pong in the stands

I don’t know if this is a new thing or if it’s been going on for years, but apparently Oregon students play beer pong in the stands during football games.

That’s right. Beer pong plus live NCAA Division I FBS football. It’s pretty much the perfect combination. These kids are living the dream.

The pic comes from last weekend’s game against the Washington Huskies. It was a 45-20 blowout win, so when the kids got tired of watching their “classmates” kicking ass, they busted out the inflatable American Flag raft and set up a game of BP. Like you do.

The best part? They don’t even sell beer at Autzen Stadium, so if there actually was beer in those cups they used their college know-how to smuggle it in. (My guess: ziplock bags taped to thighs and midsections. That’s how I’d do it.)

Of course, if that was not beer in those cups, then this whole thing is a sham and these kids should be ashamed of themselves.

But seriously though, doesn’t that kid with the bow tie kinda look like Dave Franco in Neighbors?

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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