Paul George Taking Jump Shots Already? Maybe He Will Make It Back This Year (Video)

paul george taking jump shots

Judging by this video of Paul George taking jump shots, the Pacers star just might make it back by the end of the year. If not earlier.

George of course suffered a ghoulish, Kevin Ware-esque leg break during a Team USA scrimmage prior to the FIBA World Cup back in August. At the time doctors said he’d miss the entire 2013-14 NBA season, and anyone foolish enough to disagree probably never took a moment to look at the images of the injury. It was just horrifying.

However, George didn’t let the leg break get him down. He cheered himself up with a Ferrari, got to work, and declared his intention to make it back in time for the playoffs…should the Pacers actually qualify with just the ghost of Roy Hibbert.

Did that goal seem unreasonable when he set it? You bet it did. But here we are today watching Paul George taking jump shots. So I guess the guy knew what he was talking about:

That’s obviously a pretty tame workout. But seeing as how the dude’s leg was in two pieces just eight weeks ago, Pacers fans will take it.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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