Troy Polamalu Jumping Over the Line of Scrimmage Is Most Athletic False Start Ever (Video + GIF)

Troy Polamalu jumping over line of scrimmage

At 33 years old, Steelers safety/shampoo spokesperson Troy Polamalu is starting to get up there. So the fact that he hasn’t been named an All-Pro in three years might lead you to conclude the guy’s career must be starting to wind down.

However, this highlight of Troy Polamalu jumping over the line of scrimmage last night against the Houston Texans suggests otherwise. Sure, his sense of timing is a little bit off. Or maybe he just has old man hearing, and he mistook some heckler for Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. But whatever the reason for the false start, the actual leap over the Houston offensive line required ridiculous athleticism. So it was pretty much the most impressive false start you’ll ever see.

Take a look:

troy polamalu jumping over the line of scrimmage

Just look at those majestic, flowing locks. It really was breathtaking. If I were the referee, I wouldn’t even have thrown the flag. I would have given him a high five.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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