ANOTHER Terrible Arkansas State Fake Punt? Are You [email protected]%&# Serious? (Videos)

arkansas state fake punt

For some reason there was a college football game last night. It was the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns vs. the Arkansas State Red Wolves and, despite the fact that it had absolutely no bearing on the race to the first ever College Football Playoff, it was still a pretty fun game to watch.

The best part about the game? Yep, ANOTHER terrible Arkansas State fake punt.

Was it as bad as the time they had one of their players fake his own death against Miami? On the surface, no. But it was on a 4th and 11 play from their own eight-yard line. With Arkansas State trailing by just 11 points. With seven minutes left in the third quarter.

Just think about that for a minute. Let the idiocy sink in.

Now watch it:

That’s right, they didn’t even make it back to the line of scrimmage. So instead of punting and giving the Ragin Cajuns the ball at midfield and actually having a chance to prevent them from extending their lead, the Red Wolves gave them a complimentary 1st and goal from their own five.

Result? Louisiana-Lafayette scored to make it 41-23, then held on for a 55-40 win.

But I want to show you that not everything Arkansas State does is moronic. So take a look at this 70-yard rushing touchdown by Michael Gordon, which he scored after he realized he never touched the ground after being “tackled”:

That was a smart play. It doesn’t really undo the awfulness of the fake punt, but it’s something.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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