Eagle Steals Golf Ball from Green, Drops It Off at Next Tee Box (Videos)

Watch as Eagle Steals Golf Ball, Returns it to its Rightful Owner on the Very Next Hole.


eagle steals golf ball

When an eagle steals a golf ball from a green, and the whole thing is captured on video, you’ll have to brace yourself for lots of sportscasters tossing out lazy eagle puns. Fortunately, since we’re not a local news affiliate, you don’t have to worry about that. All you get to do is kick back and watch an eagle steal a duffer’s ball from a Washington state golf course.

It wouldn’t be very funny or interesting, except the guy filming the video fails to see any humor or fun as the eagle steals his golf ball, instead just going at it like any other problem to be solved.

Here’s the first video. Please note the man yelling at the bird to give him his ball back. It’s a nice touch:

Then here’s the eagle at the net tee box, with the ball. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!:

The golfer continues to speak to the eagle as though it’s some golf ball-stealing hoodlum that needs to be reasoned with. The eagle, tired of the man’s inane bullshit, flies away to bother someone more interesting.

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