Fan Video Puts Timberwolves Players in the ‘90210’ Opening Credits

fan video

fan video is normally a poorly-made, overly emotional piece of tripe. Not this video, coming at us from a group of Hispanic Timberwolves fans (!) called the Timbertrolls. My gosh, there’s a lot of fun information in this article already!

The Timbertrolls put together a fan video that drops the Timberwolves in the opening credit sequence of Beverly Hills, 90210. And no, not the new CW remake. The old one. The good one.

It starts off with the Walsh family receiving the news that their father has been promoted, and they’re in danger of moving back to Minnesota, as all good NBA fan videos do. From there, it’s mostly a montage of T-Wolves players doing dumb stuff, but with the scorching hot electric guitar theme music that we’ve come to love from 90210.


That’s terrific. I like how the entire premise of the fan video is that Minnesota is not a place where the Walsh family wants to be. If they had reservations before, definitely don’t tell them about the Kevin Love deal.