Surfer Anastasia Ashley Wears a Bikini in This Beach Photo Tutorial (Video)

Surfer Anastasia Ashley beach photo

Surfer Anastasia Ashley knows two things: how to surf and how to take a great picture.

She might know more. But she definitely knows those two things. And since she’s not going to teach us how to surf over the internet (though that would be a very funny thing to attempt), she can teach us how to take a great picture at the beach.

Which is to say, she can stand around in a bikini while we ogle her and her wonderful assets. All is right with the world.

First off, to get things going, since there isn’t much reason for narrative, here’s a GIF of surfer Anastasia Ashley wiggling:

Surfer Anastasia Ashley

That sand is SOOOOOO lucky!

And here’s the video in which we pretend to pay attention to her while we check out her body:

“Try not to shoot directly into the sun.”

Thanks, Ansel Adams.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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