Wade Davis’ Wife Tips Server with World Series Game One Ticket (Pic)

Wade Davis' wife

Kansas City pitcher Wade Davis’ wife, Katelyn, left a pretty memorable tip for her server at Rock and Brews restaurant Tuesday afternoon.  Rather than tip with cash, she handed him a ticket to Game One of the World Series that evening at Kaufman Stadium.

Wade Davis’ wife was dining and invited the server to sit with her family at the game. The server, not being an idiot, accepted.

According to the server, Ryan O’Connor, Katelyn said to him,  “You’re going to sit with us, we’re a pretty cool family.” Wow. It doesn’t sound like they were asking him at all. I think they kidnapped him.

Unfortunately, the family unknowingly took O’Connor into a Royals massacre. Normally, I wouldn’t hold such a generous family liable for the team’s performance, but because this was Wade Davis’ wife, it was within her power to engineer a win. A sadistic family, those Davises.