Brandon Marshall Struggles to Spell ‘Communication’ While Mic’d Up (Video)

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall knows the importance of communication. Even if he can’t spell it.

None of his teammates seem to be able to spell it either. These are all guys that went to college, and I’m guessing several of them majored in Communications. Oh well. We all have our dumb moments. At least Brandon Marshall was self-aware enough to know that he was going to sound a little dim since he was mic’d up.

That knowledge resulted in a pretty funny clip in which he has to balance his pursuit of the true spelling of “communication” with a desire to not seem like the type of guy who can’t spell communication. It’s pretty cute, and pretty much gets Brandon Marshall off the hook for being a terrible speller.

So, how does he do in his quest? Check out the video:

Eh, okay, I guess. Mostly, he just drags his teammates into the shame-fest. Maybe he could ask his quarterback how to spell “no more interceptions” next time.