Clippers Fan Fight: Dude Punches Like a Girl, Gets Punched Back by a Man (Video)

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A Clippers fan fight broke out last night when one presumably drunk fan took a shot at another nearby fan.

Let’s just say that the punch wasn’t exactly “Mayweather-caliber,” though Money Mayweather was in attendance and I’m sure he would have been happy to weigh in. The fan took a punch at a dad (guessing by the way he’s dressed) the same way one would punch someone in a dream. That is to say “slowly and ineffectively.”

The dad, undaunted by the lazy shot, came back a-swingin’. He rocked the “assailant” pretty hard in return, making this Clippers fan fight slightly more engaging than the preseason game between the Clips and the Suns—though J.J. Reddick got the boot for talking smack to the refs, so hat was pretty fun.

If only he had heeded the blonde girl’s advice when she screamed at him, “You should just go,” he would have been spared this indignity circling the Internet today.

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