Eric Bledsoe Crossover Leaves Jared Cunningham in the Dust (Video)

Eric Bledsoe crossover

This Eric Bledsoe crossover is the type of move that leaves you facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Just ask Jared Cunningham, who was left wondering what year it was and who all these people were after an Eric Bledsoe crossover last night left him spinning.

Following the crossover, Bledsoe had like 30 minutes to spot up as Cunningham scrambled to the baseline for some reason, most likely shame and/or confusion. Sadly, the Phoenix Suns guard wasn’t able to exploit the move for any points—he missed his three-point attempt—but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Take a look and send some flowers to poor Jared Cunningham’s family. He made a fool of himself on the Internet:

Oh, man, that’s smooth.

Now make the damn shot, Eric.

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