Notre Dame Freshman Justin Brent Goes on Date With 42 Year-Old Porn Star Lisa Ann

Justin Brent Lisa Ann

We knew that Notre Dame freshman had it good if they were involved in the football program, but THIS good? Seems like more of an SEC or Florida State move than the handiwork of someone enrolled in a Catholic school, football player or not.  NONETHELESS, we’ve got visual evidence, thanks to the public service of TMZ, that Notre Dame freshman wideout Justin Brent went on a little date with porn star Lisa Ann at Madison Square Garden.

Lisa Ann seems to be liking them young and athletic these days. Shocking.

A preseason Knicks game? Man, Justin Brent must be a freshman if that’s his idea of a first date. Lisa Ann seems to be pretty happy, though. It’s probably more the company than the atmosphere.

Take a look:

@nyknicks game with @justinbrent #nyc

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Courtside with @justinbrent #NBA #NYC @nyknicks

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Not bad. For a Notre Dame freshman…