Triple H One-Ups Randy Orton, Give Diver the Chair in Vine Clip (Video)

Triple H

If you have no idea what this headline means, we’ll explain. ┬áLast week, some zealous WWE fans crudely inserted Randy Orton into sports clips, making it look like he was taking soccer players and pedestrians out in a fit of rage. This week, Triple H gets to step up and do some stupid, stupid damage.

I can’t figure out if this Triple H vine clip is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, or just something that’s very, very dumb. Probably the latter, but it seems exceptionally dumb right now. That’s not to say it’s not funny. It’s REALLY funny.

Watch this and lose more brain cells than if you huffed a can of spray paint:

Man, Triple H really nailed that fat kid on a diving board. I wonder what the history is between them. Also, Triple H can float in the air.