Multiple Jahleel Addae Headshots Left Him Dazed and Confused, But Supposedly Not Concussed? (Videos)

jahleel addae headshots

During last night’s Chargers-Broncos game, San Diego safety Jahleel Addae took not one but two serious blows to the head. The first caused him to collapse to the ground, while the second left him stumbling around like a zombie.

But don’t worry, everybody. These Jahleel Addae headshots didn’t result in a concussion. Oh no. They left him with what he called “a stinger”…which of course is the official medical term for an ouchey.

The first of the headshots occurred on the very first play (from scrimmage) of the game. Addae cracked helmets with Denver’s Emmanuel Sanders while trying to make a tackle, and instead of getting up afterward he collapsed to the ground like a sack of potatoes:

But was that the “stinger” that supposedly resulted in a checkup by the Chargers medical staff? Or was it this one:

Because nobody really specified.

Either way, you know the NFL is going to look in to whether the Charger followed the mandated concussion protocol. It’s pretty hard to see how a guy could get knocked silly twice and still return to the game.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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