OHL Hockey Coach Flips Out on Reporter After Losing 10 Straight Games (Video)

ohl hockey coach flips out

Hockey coach flips out after his team loses their tenth straight game? Not a big shocker there. Any coach in any sport is probably going to be a little testy in the midst of a losing streak like that.

What makes this case so amusing is the fact that Paul Fixter, the hockey coach in question, doesn’t flip out on his players—or at least, he doesn’t only flip out on his players. He flips out on a reporter asking him questions after the game. And the entire exchange is pretty hilarious.

Fixter coaches the Sudbury Wolves of the OHL. As you probably know if you’re a serious hockey fan, the OHL is one of the three major junior hockey leagues in Canada that comprise the Canadian Hockey League, which is where all the hottest NHL prospects come from. To put it in football terms, it would be like taking all the best high school and college players in the country and putting them in one semi-professional development league that feeds the NFL, leaving all the other players to play in sub-par high school and college programs. So in Canada, the OHL is a big deal.

That’s why Fixter was not happy about losing ten games in a row. And after losing 7-2 to the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds (where Gretzky played, FYI) on Wednesday, Fixter had no patience for a reporter who had the audacity to suggest his team didn’t play that bad.

Take a look:

In America that “F**K YOU!” would have instigated a fistfight. In small town Ontario they save their fighting for the ice

In fact, would you be surprised at all if Fixter apologized ten minutes later and bought the guy a beer? After all, he knows all the reporters by first name. They’re probably all buddies.

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