Peyton Manning Tells Broncos Fans to STFU, Throws Mile High Scoreboard Operator Under the Bus (Videos)

peyton manning tells broncos fans to stfu

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had another strong performance last night in Denver, cruising past the Chargers 35-21. However, late in the fourth quarter, with the game all wrapped up, the Broncos got flagged for a false start because they couldn’t hear each other.

And what does Peyton Manning do in situations like that? Peyton Manning tells Broncos fans to STFU. Because that sh*t really pisses him off.

Take a look:

So why didn’t Manning just let it go, seeing as how the game was already won? Because that’s not his style. That’s Jay Cutler‘s style. Peyton never takes a play off and never stops striving to get better. So if he can’t run his offense because he can’t hear—even if he doesn’t need to run his offense because it doesn’t matter—he’s going to be pissed. That’s the kind of competitor he is. That’s why he is the all-time touchdowns king. And that’s why Broncos fans are not going to mind one bit that he told them to shut the f*ck up.

That being said, after the game reporters asked Manning about his frustration and he explained that, while he didn’t like the noise, he wasn’t really mad at the fans:

That’s right. It was the godd*mn scoreboard operator, that stupid no-good motherf*cker!

Seriously, though, it was nice of Manning to defend poor Philip Rivers‘s honor. Pure class, that guy.

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