Youth Football Player RKOs Teammate During One-on-One Drill (Video)

youth football player RKOs teammate

I imagine some of you read “youth football player RKOs teammate” and had no idea what that even means because you’re old and uncool.

Well hold on to your pleated slacks, because I’m going to tell you what it means. The RKO is the signature move of WWE wrestling superstar Randy Orton. It entails running up to an opponent (often from behind), leaping into the air, putting them in a headlock, and bringing them crashing to the ground. The guy has been doing it for years now. However, for some reason that no one fully understands, it has recently become a thing people are doing on the internet.

And that brings us to the aforementioned youth football player. To the best of my knowledge, the RKO is not considered a legal tackle in gridiron football. But that didn’t stop this kid from taking his teammate out with an RKO during one-on-one drills at practice, earning the esteem of his peers and becoming famous on the internet.

Take a look:

This kid was not reached for comment. But had he been, and had we asked him if that was worth the 100 laps his coach made him run immediately afterward, his answer almost certainly would have been, “Hell yes, I got on Bleacher Report!”

Kids these days, amiright?

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