Lamarr Houston Injures Himself Celebrating a Sack While Down 25 Points (GIF)

Lamarr Houston celebration injury

Lamarr Houston needs to learn the phrase “Act like you’ve been there before,” after hurting himself celebrating a sack when his Chicago Bears were down 25 points to the Pats. They would go on to lose by roughly 173 points.

If “Act like you’ve been there before” is too difficult a concept for the excitable Lamarr Houston to grasp, maybe we could reduce the lesson learned to “Don’t be an ass.” That’s something that is easy enough to understand, no?

Our cohorts over at BroBible constructed a fun little GIF of Lamarr Houston skipping in delight like a little girl following a sack, only to forget how to land, beforeĀ collapsing to the ground.

Here ya go:

Lamarr Houston

In fact, the tumble was so sudden, I’m inclined to chalk it up to divine intervention. God probably watched the play, thinking, “Huh. Nice sack, Houston,” then watched the celebration and said to himself, “Awwwww, HELL no,” like Martin Lawrence would, and took Houston’s leg out from under him.

The Lord then made sure the Pats scored like 14 more touchdowns just to drive the point home.

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