Need Inspiration? Check Out This Jameis Winston Halloween Costume (Pic)

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Halloween is coming up, and that means you probably need some help selecting a sports-themed costume.

Our advice? Unless your friends are all cutting edge comedians who appreciate dark humor that pushes the boundaries of good taste, it’s probably best you just stay away from anything having to do with Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson. Most members of the general public view those situations as “tragic” and “depressing as sh*t,” so Halloween costumes inspired by them will probably not go over well.

That does not mean you can’t turn sports controversies into great costumes, though. You just have to pick something that’s not so life and death.

Example? This Jameis Winston Halloween costume courtesy of two Florida State students:

Jameis Winston and Crab Legs. #ImShmacked

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Don’t worry if you don’t have a sexy girlfriend who looks fabulous in a cleavy red dress. You don’t have to be Jameis Winston and sexy crab legs. If you want you can just dress up as Winston and carry around some actual crab legs.

That being said, the sexy girlfriend will probably get more likes on Instagram. So, you know.

Hat Tip – [BSO]

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