Jeremy Maclin Treats Gatorade Tables Like a Slip n’ Slide after Punt (Video) **UPDATE w/ Pics***

Jeremy Maclin Gatorade Table 1

Jeremy Maclin showed the sporting world that even graceful athletes can subject themselves to stupid stuff when they’re moving full speed and out of control.

Jeremy Maclin ran a punt back for 18 yards during Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals when he was forced/pushed out of bounds. Unfortunately, due to his high rate of speed, he was unable to stop before sliding over not one, but two Gat0rade-cup covered tables. His subsequent stickiness must have made him very, very easy to tackle.

Unfortunately, this took place in the 3rd quarter, so I’m guessing Jeremy Maclin didn’t have time to shower off until after the game. That’s WAY grosser than the flop he took to end his slide. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was STILL fighting off ants 24 hours later.

Here’s the clip. Stand back if you don’t want to be in the splash zone:

This may have been a strategic move to wipe out any electrolyte-enhancing sports drink that may have given the Arizona Cardinals the Gatorade Edge. If so, well played, Maclin. Well played.


And here is a sequence of pics illustrating Jeremy Maclin’s adventurous journey across the Cardinals’ Gatorade table.

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