Kelvin Benjamin Gets Props from Kevin Durant for an Amazing Catch (Video)

Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin got high praise from Kevin Durant yesterday after going head-to-head against Richard Sherman…and emerging victorious. To be clear, Kelvin Benjamin and the Carolina Panthers still lost, but Benjamin won that specific play.

This normally wouldn’t be very newsworthy, as cornerbacks, even the great ones, get beat fairly frequently, but when it’s the outspoken Richard Sherman, it elevates the story to another level. So much that even Kevin Durant, a star in a different sport altogether, decided he had to weigh in on the Kelvin Benjamin catch.

First, here’s the catch:

As for Kevin Durant’s two cents, here it is:

I never knew that calling someone a “video game” was a compliment, but I think we get the gist here – Kelvin is doing things that are only seen in the virtual world. A nice thing to say, but I wouldn’t run around town calling people “video games.” You’ll probably be committed.

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