You’ll Never Guess How this New York Jets Trick Kickoff Return Turned Out (Video)

new york jets trick kickoff return

The New York LOLJets attempted a trick kickoff return yesterday against the Buffalo Bills. Some would call it a failure because newly acquired Percy Harvin was tackled at the three-yard line. But I call it wildly successful because it didn’t end up a safety.

Now, I know what you’re saying. “If a guy gets tackled in the endzone on a kickoff, that’s a touchback not a safety.” And that’s true if the guy never leaves the endzone. But if he leaves the endzone and then goes back in and gets tackled, it is a safety. And the Jets avoided that.

Nice job, guys!

The whole thing was supposed to work like the trick kickoff return the Eagles tried and nearly pulled off against the Saints a couple years ago. Harvin caught the ball while T.J. Graham laid down in the endzone and “hid” from the Bills kickoff unit.

Obviously, the idea was that everyone would run to tackle Harvin, leaving the chameleon Graham wide open for the lateral. But of course, everyone saw Graham. So he was totally covered, and Harvin got tackled at the three.

But like I said, at least Harvin didn’t go back into the endzone. That had to be a small moral victory for Rex Ryan, right?

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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