Another Week, Another NFL Fan Brawl, This Time at Jets-Bills Game (Video)

Nfl fan brawl

You can tell it’s Sunday in the fall because of the church bells, the people driving slowly, and the news that people were beating the shit out of each other in an NFL fan brawl. It’s like clockwork at this point. This week, the two factions in question were Bills and Jets fans who came to MetLife stadium to watch football, but stayed to terrorize people with violence.

TMZ got the clip, and when TMZ is reporting sports news, you know it’s likely an NFL fan brawl or some other criminal act.

Here’s the clip. Enjoy?:

Ugh. Unfortunately, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. I’m sure they started fighting over something stupid, then one guy gets pummeled, then the pummel-er takes off and hopefully gets arrested and thrown in jail.

Because this is turning into a weekly phenomenon at EVERY stadiumĀ (and proof is broadcast every week on the Internet), you’d think that stadiums might take some additional stepsĀ to ensure this thing doesn’t happen so frequently. I mean, you would THINK they would.

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